Prensilia designs, customizes and manufactures advanced anthropomorphic under-actuated robotic hands endowed with embedded actuation, sensory and control systems, that can be exploited in research as advanced hand prostheses, end effectors for humanoid robots, for rehabilitation and/or neuroscientific experiments; in general, in all research fields where it is important to have an artificial hand that behaves as a natural one. 

Prensilia is the proud producer of IH2 Azzurra hand: the first market available 5-axis, human-sized, anthropomorphic hand with actuation, sensory and control systems embedded in the palm, able to replicate real hand functions at humanlike speeds. Azzurra can be fitted onto different robot arms, and be used for multiple robotics and biorobotics scenarios. Azzurra is delivered within 12 weeks, and its price will surprise you... contact us! 

December 2014: A brand new firmware for IH2 Azzurra featuring a bunch of new commands is now available in the support section! Upgrade your prototype and discover the new streaming modes and biomimetic automatic grasps!