Q: I am an upper limb amputee; does Prensilia sell today commercial hand prostheses?
A: Prensilia is involved in international research projects for the development of advanced upper limbs/hands. Therefore Prensilia develops hand prototypes for research purposes. However, Prensilia does not currently manufacture and sell real prosthetic hands.

Q: Why a Prensilia hand rather than another product?
A: Prensilia sells robust research prototypes made of aluminum with 5 anthropomorphic fingers, open electronic architecture and firmware, with force, torque and position sensors. If a tendon or a sensor breaks you can easily replace it alone in less than 15mins. All these features are not available with a commercially available prosthesis! For research / university purposes, Prensilia hands therefore represent a very competitive and valuable option.

Q: Can I connect a Prensilia hand on the robot arm available in my lab?
A: Yes. Robot hands developed by Prensilia may be docked on all kinds of commercial (or custom-made) arms available by means of standard or customized interfaces.

Q: How long will Prensilia take to develop my hand?
A: Hand development usually depends on the level of customization, complexity of machined parts and special embedded control needs. For a "standard" project Prensilia will take no more than 12-14 working weeks.