Robotic Hands (Self-contained)

Intrinsic robotic hands with all functional components (up to 5 motors, up to 10 force/tension sensors and the controller) integrated in the palm and in the underactuated, self-adaptive fingers. Light weight: 640 grams! Able to grasp and sense objects. Simple communication interface (RS232). Standard prosthetic wrist attachments available.

 Key Features

  • Light weight: 640 grams!

  • Compliant grasps

  • Thumb ab/adduction



The compact size of these hands allows using them in research, evaluation and clinical experience with humans in real daily living environment on Neural-Machine interfaces (either invasive or non-invasive) and control (EMG, ENG, EEG, sensory feedback systems, etc). Not only! Due to their light weight and anthropomorphism they are suitable as robotic end-effectors on limited pay-load robotic arms.


Tech specs & Resources

Total DoA 5
Total DoF 11
Interface RS232/USB
Power supply 8V@5A peak
Weight 640 g
Grasp payload 4 kg
Full finger's flexion speed ~1 s


  See IH2 Azzurra hand video 

  Download IH2 Azzurra series data sheet 

  Download IH2 Azzurra series user guide