Robotic Forearms

Dexterous robot hands with embedded sensorization are available as open-platforms for research. 
Five compliant fingers are independently driven by electrical motors, by means of tendon transmission. The thumb ab/adduction actuator is placed within the palm, whereas the fingers flexion/extension motors may be hosted either into a mechanical platform (for portable systems, see picture on the left - standard setup) or onto specific braces to be secured around robot arms (see picture below), based on customer needs.
Current sensors and position sensors are available for bi-directionally interfacing the hand with the robot.  Motorized wrist and other degrees of freedom available on request. These hands, host an embedded controller and operate through a simple communication interface (RS232).




Research in: rehabilitation, humanoid robotics, assistive robotics, neural-machine interfaces and control, sensory substitution systems, neuroscience, etc...     

Key Features

  • Limited weight: 
    1420 grams!
  • Compliant grasps.
  • Independent fingers.
  • Thumb ab/adduction.

Robot arm grasping

Humanoid robotics

Sensor fusion

Prosthesis control 


Tech specs & Resources

Total DoA 6
Total DoF 11
Interface RS232/USB
Power Supply 8V@7A peak
Weight 1420 g
Grasp payload  5 kg
Full finger's flexion speed ~1 s


Downolad EH1 Milano series data sheet 

Downolad EH1 Milano series user guide 

See IH2 Azzurra hand video