Starting from Your requirements and working closely with You, Prensilia designs, customizes and manufactures advanced robot hands and components endowed with embedded actuation, sensory and control systems. Contact us for a quote.

IH2 Intrinsic hands

IH2 Robotic Hands

EH1 Open platform robot hands

EH1 Robotic Forearms

Compact tendon drivers

Compact tendon drivers

First market available 5-axis, human sized, anthropomorphic hand with embedded actuation, sensory and control systems, able to replicate real hand functions at humanlike speeds.
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Dexterous tendon-driven hands with embedded sensorization, and remote actuation are available as open-platform robotic forearms for quick plug and play in research scenarios.
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Brushed motor based linear actuators, with different levels of back-drivability, speed-torque requirements, dynamic range and sensorization are customized for clients' cable-based robots.
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Real time control firmware

All our devices run our high performance, realtime, embedded control firmware. This is designed to minimize development time, allowing you to just focus on high level, conceptual issues. The compact tendon drivers come equipped with 1 kHz position, force, current controllers and realtime sensor readings (latency < 1ms). The firmware in the hands add to these low-level functions, automatic hand functions and grasps.

All devices use RS232 control bus (USB compatible) for direct plug and play with your robot, system, or computer application (other bus available on request). Advanced users that wish to implement completely customized realtime controllers (in their C, Matlab, or other environment) may exploit the accurate, low-latency, time-synchronized, access to sensors data and motor controllers allowed by the bus.