Compact Tendon Drivers

Brushed motor based linear actuators, with different levels of back-drivability, speed-torque requirements and dynamic range are customized to fulfil client requirements. They integrate ad-hoc sensorization: tension, position and current sensors for force, position, speed and torque control. Control loops are locally implemented and triggered by simple commands through standard RS232 bus.

10W assembly


Cable based robots like: snakes, compliant robots and end-effectors. Robot for investigating social development, cognitive development research, human-robot interaction, etc

Key Features

  • current, tension, and position sensors.
  • simple RS232 interface.
  • embedded 1KHz control loops.

10 W Maxon RE25 linear slider assembly (325 grams) 2.5 W Maxon RE13 linear slider assembly (75 grams)