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 RAI 2: I fatti vostri - Ufficio Brevetti. Feb. 09, 2016, "IH2 Azzurra presented on the second national channel"

 RAI 1: Unomattina Dec. 13, 2012, "IH2 Azzurra described on the first national channel"

 RAI 3: Cose dell'altro Geo Feb. 27, 2012, "Demonstration of IH2 Azzurra"

 RAI 1: Superquark, "New video on research at ARTS Lab" 

 RAI 1: TG1 Economia, "Prensilia at the Final stage of StartCup Italy" 

 RAI 3: TG3 Pixel, "Prensilia at the Final stage of StartCup Italy" 

 RAI 3: TGR Leonardo, "Prensilia at the Final stage of StartCup Italy" 

 BBC World: The SmartHand prototype developed at ARTS Lab by Prensilia members has been attached to the arm of a 22-year-old man who lost his own hand through cancer.

 Discovery ChannelFor a month, a young man's amputated arm was connected to the CyberHand developed at ARTS Lab, allowing him to feel sensations and control the arm with his thoughts.

 CNN International: The CyberHand prototype developed at ARTS Lab experimented for one month in a young amputee.



July 2015: IH2 Azzurra featured on the Faulhaber website and catalouge as part of the Lifehand 2 project. Link (website) | Link (catalouge) | Link (shortform)

March 2015: EH1 Milano is on Science Magazine. Link (frontpage) | Link (article)

June 2014: IH2 Azzurra featured by as part of the Italia del Futuro moving exibition. Link (article) | Link (exibition site)

July 2013: Christian Cipriani talks about Prensilia on IEEE Spectrum. Link

 April 2010: Prensilia on, the resource for orthotics and prosthetics information. Link 



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