Whatever the challenge, whatever its size, whatever the industry, our highly qualified, experienced engineers are there to deliver beyond state-of-the-art solutions. If you want results you can trust, Prensilia is the team you can rely on to improve your product design and development process. We can step in at any stage:
Feasibility study
Limited runs
Mechanical Design

We have a solid experience in the design of both single mechanical components and complex devices through the use of CAD software, validated using reliable FEA simulations. Our product development team is experienced in both plastic and metallic materials, molds and industrial design.

Electronic Design

We provide custom integrated electronic systems design and development. Such systems include microcontrollers, power management, analog front-ends and amplifiers, power drivers for motors, wired and wireless communication interfaces and IoT interfaces and devices.

Sensing technologies

A hand that cannot feel loses most of its functionalities. This is why, for our and your devices, we develop miniature sensors, based on strain gages and other technologies. Fully customizable and integrated solutions are available on request.

Software Design

We have a rich technical experience with difficult programming tasks at several levels. These include embedded systems, device drivers, simulations, robotic systems, machine learning algorithms, graphical user interfaces and more.


The most effective way of testing the functionality of your user-centered devices is using a sophisticated bio-inspired test device. Our engineers can develop replicas of parts of the human body matching its shape and compliance with high fidelity. Such devices can be made compatible with touch screen interfaces as well.

Made in Italy

We have excellent manufacturing facilities based in Tuscany, manned by a skilled team of production engineers and technicians, experienced in turning into reality solutions to the toughest challenges our clients face. We span from modern 5 axis CNC to 3D prototyping machines.

Prensilia has supported clients in the automotive, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, bio-automation, naval, and biomedical industries.