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At Prensilia we know how difficult it is to carry out projects in different fields, but being aware of this is our strength.

Not just research, not just robotics. Prensilia is also active in the medical sector with Mia Hand Prosthesis, the upper limb prosthesis which won the Compasso d’Oro 2022.

Upper limb prosthesis

What we do for
the medical sector.

With Mia Hand Prosthesis we invaded the medical field.
From 2016 to today. Mia Hand Prosthesis was an ambitious and challenging project.
Today all our efforts are compensated by seeing what for many years was just a project getting into the Italian orthopaedic centres.

Mia Hand Prosthesis can finally be worn as a multi-articulating myoelectric hand. To be felt as a natural extension of the body, to be proudly shown as a sign of victory.
A whole new life to be lived.

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Mia Hand protesi, Mia Hand, Mia Hand protesi arto superiore, Mia Hand protesi mano

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Mia Hand


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