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tendon tension

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These miniature load cells can measure cable tension up to 80 N. In close collaboration with our suppliers, we were able to find a miniaturized solution to the problem of cable tension measurement.

It is now possible to instrument tendon-driven robots (such as IH2 Azzurra or iCub) allowing a closed-loop control of these systems, enabling for augmented grasping and manipulation. The sensors are available stand-alone or with acquisition electronics. The latter can be customized to fit your very own application.

Tech specs

Size 6 mm diameter – 4.2 mm height
Maximum cable diameter 0.65 mm
Measurement range 0-80 N
Maximum overload 160 N

Compatible with IH2 Azzurra

The tendon tension sensors are backward-compatible with all IH2 Azzurra versions. Contact us to update your device.

The smallest tendon
tensions sensors

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