Robotica & Automazione

Not only robotic hands,

also robotics for Industry 4.0.

Prensilia’s innovative approach reaches industrial automation. Production systems are required to be more and more flexible to follow market dynamics and the ever-increasing demand for customer-tailored products. Discover our flexible and reconfigurable solutions for collaborative robotics.

System Integrator

Food and beverage,
and medical.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, combined with the dense network of partners built up to date, we can offer various automation solutions based on collaborative robotics.
Is your application out of these areas? Great, we love to explore new horizons.

We are open to support any kind of requests and customers looking for a collaborative robotics and Industry 4.0 solution.

Discover the partnerships.

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Mia Hand:
anthropomorphic gripper.

Mia Hand is not only prosthetics. Mia Hand Industrial is a product conceived and designed as an anthropomorphic gripper for collaborative robotics and industry 4.0.

Mia Hand represents a paradigm shift in end-of-arm tooling. No more rigid systems with limited functionality, but a versatile end-effector capable of adapting to multiple applications and scenarios.

Reduce the setup time required for tool change due to the variability of the items to be handled. Set to zero the design and development costs required for adapting the system to multiple end-effectors.

One gripper, a thousand functions.

Custom robotic solutions.

At Prensilia we have developed many turnkey solutions, but we like to go beyond.

We are always looking for specific applications and collaborations to design and develop versatile and collaborative robotic solutions, in the name of innovation.

For everyone,
for innovation.

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For any questions or requests, informational materials or customized solutions please contact us, we will be happy to find the best for you!