Mia Hand Prosthesis.
For a new ability.

When talking about ability, it is hard to think in one-size-fits-all terms. Instead, we can – and want to – speak in terms of uniqueness. Our unique abilities come from our own path, which has turned us into one-of-a-kind persons without being univocal, without ever thinking that our ability level is collective and generalised for everyone.

Two children will never develop the exact same skills in the same way at the same time.

Your ability.

Upper limb prosthesis.

fast yet quiet,

We wrote down the benefits of our upper limb prosthesis. Every point is the expression of the objectives of the research and development stage. Every point speaks for the functionality we want to provide to the ones who chose Mia Hand.

Sometimes less is more. We removed anything superfluous to get to the essentials.

5 grasps.
80% of daily movements.

Mia Hand Protesi
Cylindrical grip
Mia Hand Protesi
Lateral grip
Mia Hand Protesi
Precision grip
Mia Hand Protesi
Pointing up
Mia Hand Protesi
Pointing down

Thanks to its 5 grips, Mia Hand Prosthesis can perform the main gestures used in 80% of our daily movements. Having multiple grasps available is sometimes a burden. It may lead to additional costs, difficulty in controlling the device or longer response times.

The Mia Hand Prosthesis grips were carefully designed to be highly performing and thus very effective in managing the activities of daily living for anyone with a limb difference.

Mia Hand is the fastest and strongest upper limb prosthesis on the market. Additionally, it is easy to use.

Are you looking for a next-generation multi-articulated hand prosthesis, but you want to intuitively control it with a two-electrode interface?

You found it!

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It fits
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A modern and dynamic prosthesis.

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Design first?
No, together with functionality.

Express yourself
with your prosthesis.

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Mia Hand.
Beautiful, even on
un robot.

Mia Hand is not just prosthetics.
Mia Hand is a versatile device that can be used within robotic systems as an anthropomorphic gripper.
Our favorite applications? Food, med and ergonomics.  

Thus Mia Hand Industrial was born.
Learn about possible integrations and our partners HOMBERGER and DOOSAN ROBOTICS. 

Not just prosthetics.