Research platform

Mia Hand R&D.

Flexible and robust.

Mia Hand R&D is a self-contained robotic hand with all functional components (actuators, sensors and control electronics) embedded in the palm and fingers.

The three available actuators allow to interact with the environment and grasp objects designed for humans, covering the gestures used during 80% of the activities of daily living. The hand comes with a set of predefined routines and a simple communication interface (RS-232 over USB) to drastically simplify the integration process. Several mechanical interfaces are available on request (for robot arms from UR, FRANKA, KUKA, as well as QDW from Ottobock).

The small size and weight make Mia Hand R&D the perfect tool for humanoid robotics, industrial automation, ergonomics, human-machine interfaces and prosthetics. Its robustness allows it to be used in unsupervised scenarios in longitudinal studies.

From prosthetics
to research.
But robotics too.


Weight > 480 g 
Size > 82 x 40 x 190 mm 
Grasp force > 70 N
Degrees of actuation/freedom > 3/4 
Closing time > 0.3 s 
Coupled fingers > Middle/Ring/Little


Power supply > 12 V @ 6 A peak
Communication > RS-232/USB

Control system
and sensors

PID controllers > Position, speed, force* (1 kHz)
Pre-settable grasps > 5
Position sensors (digital) > 3 (0.1 deg) 
Motor current sensors (analog) > 3 (1 mA, 10 bit) 
Limit switches (digital) > 6
Force sensors (analog)* > 3 (~50 mN, 10 bits)

* force sensors available on request on thumb, index, middle fingers

ROS compatible

Mia Hand is integrated with ROS 1 Noetic.
The mia_hand_ros_pkgs repository contains packages for controlling the real Mia Hand as well as simulate it in Gazebo. 

Do you want to try Mia Hand R&D?

Do you want to integrate it in your funded research activities? Contact us and ask for more information, we are here to help.