Nowadays more than ever, automation requires flexibility. Each solution is unique and tailored to the customer’s needs. That’s why the experience of the system integrator is essential to select, adapt and integrate the best technologies to achieve your goals.

What application areas
do we prefer?

Food handling always posed significant challenges for automation. Indeed, the risk of damaging the products is quite high. This is why Prensilia has decided to focus on active grasping: precise and delicate grasps are possible thanks to end-effectors whose fingers are equipped with accurate force sensors.

The medical sector is our first love. We know the restrictions imposed in the production of medical devices. Often, because of their complexity, a completely automatic production of these devices is not possible. That’s why we believe that automation solutions based on cobots, that are based on the cooperation between human workers and machines, perfectly fit in this application area. 

The main tool used by humans to act on the environment is their hands. Therefore, a robotic hand is the best device to test and validate tools, human-machine interfaces (as buttons, levers, handles and so on), working areas, and everything designed to interact with our hands. By automating these low added value tasks you ensure consistency, repeatability and, therefore, reliability of the achieved results.

You cannot find your application among those listed above? That’s great. We like to challenge ourselves in different areas. We take into account all the needs of customers looking for collaborative robotics solutions and Industry 4.0 automations.

Collaborate to grow


Preferred System Integrators

does it mean.

Since 2022, Prensilia has been collaborating as Preferred System Integrator of Homberger, a leading company in the distribution of Industry 4.0 products.

Thanks to this agreement, Prensilia becomes one of Homberger’s reference points for the integration of its Doosan collaborative robots in the aforementioned applications.

Are you looking for our robotic hands?

Mia Hand & IH2 Azzurra.

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