IH2 was launched in 2011 and since then it has been used in 30+ labs around the world in forefront research applications.


2017 Update: IH2 is now available with tendon force sensors for improved sensory feedback experience, Bluetooth connection and an embedded CPU faster than ever!

Self-contained robotic hand

Intrinsic robotic hands with all functional components (5 motors, tactile sensors and control electronics) integrated in the palm and in the underactuated, self-adaptive fingers. Able to perform multiple grasps and sense objects. Simple communication interface (RS-232 over USB or Bluetooth). Standard prosthetic wrist attachments available (compatible with Ottobock QWD).
The compact size of these hands allows using them in research, evaluation and clinical experience with humans in real daily living environments on human-machine interfaces (either invasive or non-invasive) and control (EMG, ENG, EEG, sensory feedback systems, etc). Not only! Due to their light weight and anthropomorphism they are suitable as robotic end-effectors on limited pay-load robotic arms.